Countryside High School ISTEM

What is Engineering?

The engineering strand of ISTEM focuses on Robotics and Industrial Controls. Students in the engineering program have the oportunity to learn the LabVIEW programming language, which is an industry standard language for industrial controllers. Students will look at the electronics and mechatronics that make robots work and other industrial systems work.

Course Progression

Possible careers in Engineering include:

⚙ Aerospace Engineer
⚙ Civil Engineer
⚙ Computer Software Engineer
⚙ Electrical Engineer
⚙ Environmental Engineer
⚙ Nuclear Engineer
⚙ Industrial Engineer



Fred Friedman

Mr. Friedman is in his 4th year being the Engineering instructor for the ISTEM magnet program at Countryside. He puts the incoming 9th graders through a wide-raging course of Science, Technical, and Engineering topics, preparing them for the more in-depth ISTEM strand work. He is also the instructor for the Engineering strand specializing in Industrial Controls and Automation.

Before becoming a teacher, Mr. Friedman ran an engineering company managing 31 engineers and scientists doing product design and research, and working with failing companies doing corporate turnaround. His firm is responsible for saving over 43 companies from closing their doors. Mr. Friedman was CEO of Engineering Strategies, CIO of Graphic Design Systems, and Director of Information Services of HESC, a medical health care service company. Mr. Friedman holds degrees in Electronic Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Engineering Technology, and has graduate degrees in Technology and Innovation Management.