Countryside High School CCT

What is Web Design?

Web design is the division of CCT focused on building and maintaining web sites. Students will have to opportunity to develop web sites of varying complexity. This website was built and maintained by students in Web Design 3, which is focused on web scripting fundamentals.

Course Progression


Possible careers in the Information Security sector include:

/> Security Engineer
/> Security Consultant
/> Network Administrator
/> Information Systems Network Analyst
/> Information Security Specialist
/> Information Technology Security Specialist
/> Ethical Hacker/Network Penetration Tester

  • ACA Web Authoring Using Dreamweaver
    • The Web Authoring Using Adobe Dreamweaver exam validates entry-level skills in web design corresponding to Dreamweaver software.
  • Certified Internet Web Professional JavaScript Specialist
    • The CIW JavaScript Specialist course teaches developers how to use the features of the JavaScript language to design client-side, platform-independent solutions. Students will also understand and use the most popular applications of JavaScript. These specialized Web language skills can help you begin or grow a career in advanced Web development and technologies.


Mrs. Buckman

Mrs. Buckman has been teaching for Pinellas County Schools since 1985. She graduated from Western Carolina University with a BSED in Secondary Business Education in 1982. She has been teaching Countryside High School for the past 25 years. She currently teacher IIT, Applied Computer Skills, Web 1, 2, and 3, and heads the DCT program.