Countryside High School CCT

What is CCT?

CCT is an acronym that stands for the Center of Computer Technologies. The CCT program is focused on coursework that is aligned with challenging academic standards centered on content in technical knowledge and skills. Students will leave the CCT program armed with a variety of industry certifications.

General Course Plan

Admissions Criteria

Students with mathematical/scientific ability and proven academic performance are logical candidates.


There are no expicit requirements for students in the CCT program; howver, there are requirements that must be met to stay in the program.

Target Group 2

Students who do not meet the above testing or academic grades criteria may be placed in this group based on a common rubric that is used to calculate the percentage of criteria the student has demonstrated. At least 10% of the incoming 9th grade class will be selected from Target Group 2.

Please Note:

All acceptances are contingent upon successful completion of 8th grade with the final 8th grade report card reflecting entrance requirements of the program. Should there be a greater number of qualified applicants than available positions in Target Groups 1 and 2, applicants will be selected randomly by computer from each target group of eligible candidates.